The astringent segregation process with about 25 light tables with a glass top is in service to avoid the damaged bags to maintain the brand image of clients. As the damage due to fabric, printing, lamination, EZ open stitching, and creases are the main reasons for defects in the bags.

Likewise, to ensure we have a process of the final inspection process.

Quality Control

Kaypee assures the process is perfect with an excellent outcome. The quality is what Kaypee works to beget satisfaction in customers for their investments. Testing of raw material,semi-finished goods, finished goods at various stages to maintain quality is conducted. Extra tests of customer bag with for ash content using a furnace oven and whether Pantone’s are proper in printing, X-rite Photospectro Meter is used.

A dedicated team of Kaypee is always hands-on for this as the above description.