It is very important that the none of the defective bags should be there on shelf which can disturb the brand image of our customer. To ensure this, we have a stringent segregation process with about 25 light tables with glass top.

All the bags before packing are being segregated with the defects due to fabric, printing, lamination, EZ open stitching and creases. All these defective bags are then very safely removed from the production area and reprocessed so that none of the brands are being exposed.

Once all the defective bags are removed, we have a process of final inspection where in the packed bags are randomly opened. This allows us to ensure that all the defective bags are removed properly.

Quality Control

To offer a quality products, it is very important to have quality checkpoints. We have a dedicated quality team with inspection plans at various stages of production.

We do testing of incoming raw material, semi-finished goods as well as finished goods at various stages. In order to maintain the strength required, we keep checking bags as well as fabric from different lots using Utensile tester. The customer bag is always tested for ash content using furnace oven.

In order to see whether the Pantones are achieved in printing, we use X-rite Photospectro Meter.

Well  equipped quality laboratory assures our customers that all the quality parameters and specifications are met thoroughly.